Universus Media Group is recognized for providing creative and innovative solutions to a wide range of marketing, public relations and communications challenges. From traditional print publishing to video, website, enews and social media content creation, Universus brings a unique blend of skills and experience to assist in reaching your objectives.

We are pleased to be able to do much more.

Many of the organizations we assist require additional support with administrative services and day-to-day general management support. Through our strategic alliance with the Pathfinder Group, Universus Media is able to provide our customers with a wide range of organizational leadership, administrative support and governance services.

The Pathfinder Association Management Group (Pathfinder Group) is recognized for providing innovative leadership, solid administration and good governance to associations, societies, and member groups. They have been doing so since 1966.

Through our combined offices in Toronto and Halifax, the strategic alliance of Universus Media and the Pathfinder Group provides our customers with a unified solution that integrates the skills and capabilities of both our organizations into a single, seamless whole.

For more information on the Pathfinder Group, please visit www.pathfinder-group.ca.