What we do

We combine traditional editorial, journalism and design skills with kick-ass capabilities in new media, branded content and custom media. Printed magazines, targeted e-newsletters, custom microsites, in-person events, interactive digital media, videos, social media campaigns: these are all just tools to us. But they are tools we use very well to help shape opinions. We work with your team, understand your markets, and align with your objectives. We do research so our intuition and experience is fed by data, because we love data. And we measure the results, because we’re hungry to know what works best.

If marketing is about influence and persuasion, then flawless execution of a marketing campaign is about using the right tools at the right time. You might already be doing some of these things.  No sweat.  We can work with and expand on what you’re already doing.

So, here’s a look at what we do:
• Custom magazine publishing
• Interactive digital editions
• Content marketing services
• Copy writing and newsletter production
• Electronic e-news writing, deployment and metrics
• Video production services
• Social media content creation and social media press releases
• Research
• Metrics and analysis