It’s all about engaging audiences

We come from a blended background of advertising and publishing, two disciplines that are creatively very different. Understanding both lets us bring a unique perspective to a wide range of projects that all share a common reality: we need to engage an audience to make a difference for our client’s business.

Flexible by design

Good, better, best: we propose multiple approaches because the best way to stretch a budget isn’t always the best way to solve a problem. And we believe in giving our clients choices. We also embrace the challenge of last minute changes because clients need us to solve problems, not to complain. Frankly, we’re relentless in finding ways to say ‘yes’.

We’re price disruptors

We stick to our quotes.  We run smart, lean, efficient teams so we aren’t charging for resources unless they’re absolutely needed. We give clients the greatest possible licensing flexibility so their creative investment can be leveraged far and wide. And we’re constantly seeking innovative ways of marking our clients’ budgets work even harder for them.

Video is at the heart of what we do

We do a lot more than just video, but video is what we do most. Video is a powerful way to deliver a message and given a choice, most people will watch before they read. We’ve produced thousands of videos over the years, from long form YouTube video to four second social media spots and everything in between.

On parle français

We’re based in Toronto but have deep roots in Québec. Everything we do in English, we do in French. Need to reach all of Canada? Pas de problème.

It all starts with a conversation

We’d love to know what challenges you’re facing, and determine how we can help

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