Canadian Alliance for Mental Illness and Mental Health


Capturing high-quality video footage in person isn’t always an option — especially, during a pandemic or when the budget doesn’t allow for extensive travel. When the Canadian Alliance of Mental Health and Mental Illness wanted to create a video showcasing interviews with more than a dozen people from all over Canada, they turned to Universus to make it happen. Using Zoom recordings, mixed with high-quality b-roll, and effective storytelling, we were able to create a memorable and engaging video to commemorate 20 years of their Faces of Mental Illness campaign. Here is some feedback from the client: “It is difficult to put into words the impact of the latest FACES video that your team delivered. You and your team just ‘got it’ and produced a piece that hit all the right notes and told the story in a way that I’m not sure anybody else could have if they didn’t understand the journey and context that they face. We had a CAMIMH members meeting yesterday and everyone – the Management Committee and all the member groups agreed – it was a beautiful way to acknowledge and pay homage to all of our FACES.”