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Content marketing is a form of marketing that almost everyone consumes but only few understand.

Our content marketing services integrate relevant, useful, and entertaining content with a seamless sales message meant to generate or increase sales and revenue. As a content marketing agency, our content is different from traditional ad copy. It’s different from editorial work. In many ways it’s a hybrid of the two. And we’ve made tons of copy.

We know how to speak in our clients’ voices, becoming extensions of their companies, to help them initiate and maintain conversations with their customers and prospects.

Content Marketing is important to your business for several reasons. Content Marketing Services allow you to become an authority and a trusted source on a topic. By providing valuable and engaging information, audiences can trust your brand, leading to your ability to influence their purchasing decisions.

Amazing content leads to an improved online presence, increased organic traffic, and ultimately an improvement to your bottom line. As a full-service content marketing and design services agency, we start every project with a content strategy. By getting to know your audience, we can provide the kind of content that they are genuinely interested in. A thorough content strategy allows us to understand where your audience is, and what needs to happen to get them to where you want them to be.

So what is our Web Copywriter’s process?

After a content strategy is established, our talented team of web copywriters, ad editors, and creative directors work towards developing content that has a strong brand identity and encourages a loyal following. Our content is always optimized to meet your client’s needs. In addition, nothing is worse than “old content”, which is why we at Universus Media work hard to make sure your content is constantly evolving and engaging audiences. The ability to be flexible and create content quickly, while it is relevant is imperative to a successful marketing effort.

Content marketing, or even web copywriting, is a unique marketing format as unlike other forms of advertising it attempts to seamlessly integrate a sales message into content a viewer already wants, as opposed to traditional advertising which attempts to create a sales message that is also engaging and entertaining. Reaching audiences in this manner is a craft that requires deep research, strategy, execution, and measurement tactics. By understanding how design content is being perceived whether through clicks, views, or audience interaction we can tweak and reformat content to not only meet but exceed expectations.

“When we create something, we think, ‘Will our customers thank us for this?’ I think it’s important for all of us to be thinking about whatever marketing we’re creating; is it really useful to our customers? Will they thank us for it? I think if you think of things through that lens, it just clarifies what you’re doing in such a simple, elegant way.”

— Ann Handley

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