Let’s start from the beginning, what are 3D graphics?

3D graphics are a set of tools and skills which use shapes and colors to create the illusion of a three-dimensional object. 3D animations are made using specialized software which allows designers to map out a three-dimensional model of a scene. Using these tools, 3D motion graphics can appear extremely realistic or abstract, depending on a user’s end goal.

We have all grown up on beloved children’s movies that feature hyper-realistic 3D animations that truly bring imaginary worlds to life. However, what many people don’t realize is that a lot of the content we perceive as edited video footage is complex 3D graphics made by a 3D animation company like us!

From vehicle advertisements to product marketing, 3D animations allow for an affordable and often safer method of creating that perfect shot. They allow companies to create visuals that would be either impossible or entirely too expensive to create in real life. From product renderings to entire scenes, 3D animations allow designers to create a reality with virtually no limits. At the Universus Media animation studio, we work with each client to see how our 3D animation company can enhance their content to create a more dynamic sales message.

Our talented team of 3D graphic designers has worked on everything from demonstration videos and logo design to 3D video graphic design and product animation demos. 3D graphics are a great way to add flair to your current video content and create a more dynamic educational tool.

So, what projects are 3D design services best suited for?

  • Presenting large scale visuals: such as architecture, geographical visualizations and detailed interior and exterior renderings.
  • Presenting prototypes: 3D Graphics are a great tool to help visualize what a non-existent product will look like. Investing in a 3D animation is a much more cost-effective way to present an idea then building an actual prototype.
  • Presenting video concepts: 3D Graphics are a great way to add visual interest to an existing video concept. In a world where audiences are constantly bombarded with visual stimuli, 3D graphics are a great way to help your content stand out.
  • Explainer videos: No matter how complicated and nuanced a concept is 3D graphics are a great way to make any concept more accessible to audiences. By creating a detailed visual animation, you can clearly and easily explain complicated concepts in a clean and concise manner.
  • Visual effects: 3D Graphics allow designers to create incredible visual effects that used to require full-scale productions in the past. Eliminate the need for physical videography, staging, props, lighting and more with the use of 3D animation.

Wondering if 3D graphics are right for your business?

At Universus Media, our goal is to understand your business and be able to recommend that approach that best suits your needs. Contact our 3D animation company today and let us bring your company to life.

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