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Employee training videos production is an intuitive way to teach and train people, no-matter the subject matter. Effective instructional videos are a great way to present complex concepts in a simple and easy to understand way. Establish your business as an authority in your industry by providing instructional video content in a compact and simple to understand format. People increasingly prefer watching tutorial videos instead of reading text in a book or merely listening to someone speak. Additionally, people retain more information when they learn through video, as opposed to reading plain text.

Training video production is also a great way to be able to expand your reach. Instead of being limited to the number of people who attend in-person training sessions, training videos can be shared indefinitely with an ever-expanding audience. According to recent studies, “when the visual and auditory senses are stimulated, a person will retain a higher percentage of the information being presented to them. In fact, on average, a person who merely hears information can recall approximately half of it later. But with the aid of visuals such as animated videos, that retention rate shoots up to 80% of the information presented.”

Types of training videos

  • Employee Training Videos: Employee training videos are a great way to help train new staff members on protocols and procedures as well as keep existing employees caught up on the latest sales, customer service production processes, safety procedures and more. Company training videos are a user-friendly way to explain detailed and often complicated concepts in a clear and simple manner. Best of all training videos don’t require any in person training or scheduling and can be reused over the years. Lastly, professional training videos can create a level of consistency that in person training sessions simply can’t recreate. With a training video you can rest assured that all employees are receiving the same information.
  • Instructional Videos: Instructional videos are perfect for products or services that aren’t immediately intuitive to viewers. Showcase and explain how your specific product or service works in an educational and engaging way. This training video approach can range from an animated tutorial to live-action footage and everything in between.
  • E-Learning: E-Learning programs are a great tool to use when trying to educate an audience on a large scale. E-Learning courses can focus on many different aspects, directing audiences through a series of online classes often followed by a quiz portion that tests audience retention. Investing in E-Learning production ensures that employees can complete a specific course on their own time instead of scheduling in-person classes. This in turn saves time, money, energy, and valuable human resources.

So what is our process?

At Universus Media, our training video process is simple. We begin by understanding your target audience and your specific business needs. From here we can recommend an instructional video strategy that meets your specific business needs. Once a strategy is set our talented team works to create storyboards, visuals, and designs for your video project.

What type of training video design best suits your needs? We set clear goals at the beginning project and work towards measuring the success to be able to understand exactly what works and what doesn’t.

It all starts with a conversation

Whatever your goals, Universus Media can help guide you in creating the perfect content for your business.

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