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Virtual event video production can take different formats including, live streaming broadcasts, pre-recorded web-based virtual event video options, or a combination of both. Live stream videos, web-based video conferencing, and hybrid events are all a mix of platforms available online today. We enable your virtual event video presenters and participants to connect online through our leading web-based video conferencing platforms.

Virtual event promo videos create an opportunity to expand your reach as many people who otherwise would not be able to attend due to distance, costs or other reasons can now participate from the comfort of their homes. Virtual events, unlike in-person events also create an opportunity to reuse the content in the future, as the information can be re-watched over and over.

So, who are virtual event videos for?

Virtual event video production is useful for just about any occasion, including company meetings, fundraisers, conferences, trade shows, educational talks, summits, and more. Virtual event and live stream videos can range from a single camera live broadcast to an intricate combination of live streaming video with custom graphics, custom set design, music, animations, unique audience participation capabilities and more. No matter what platform you want your event to be on, Universus Media can help you meet your virtual event video goals.

There are many kinds of marketing event video services, including:

  • Webinars: Webinars provide audiences with the convenience of accessing information they are already interested in from the comfort of their home. From learning new skills, keeping up with trends, earning online certification or just having fun and staying connected. Webinars, or live stream videos, are now the way of the future. Our team can help you set up a live webinar or record a webinar and edit it to your specifications, adding effects and graphics so that you can repurpose the content online, on your company website, email to potential customers, include on your social media channels and more.
  • Demonstrations: Virtual marketing events and product demos are a great way to engage audiences, provide meaningful insights into your product benefits and elicit valuable real time audience feedback.
  • Trade Shows: Just like live tradeshow, virtual trade shows offer the opportunity to exhibit multiple vendors using break out rooms which allow audience members to join specific discussions. Virtual trade shows also allow for virtual audience participation through video, chat capabilities, voting, polling, and more.
  • Presentations: Bringing your keynote speakers to a large responsive audience has never been easier. Not only is hosting your presentation virtually a much more affordable way to reach your audience, but it also allows for much greater flexibility and agility to present information as soon as it becomes available as opposed to booking an in person meeting a month in advance.

So what is our process?

As a live stream video production company, our team focuses on really taking the time to get to know your specific goals. From setting up your event, testing to ensure everything goes smoothly, providing support during your event, helping to distribute your content post-event as well as collect valuable audience data, our online conference video team is there every step of the way.

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