It’s no secret that video is important to marketing, as statistical evidence points to its potential to boost leads. But for brands that aim to maximize their return on investment, they will need to understand what types of marketing video makes sense at different points of the marketing journey.

Marketing Video Stages

Stage One

The right marketing funnel video depends on where your audience is along the sales funnel. For example, the first stage might benefit from a video that caters to the fact that audiences are not fully aware of what it is they are looking for and are open to suggestions. A video that provides them with greater awareness of the brand will help funnel them along to the next stage. Here, engagement is key.

Some content types to consider include educational videos and problem presentations (presenting a problem and solving it using your product or services). Your audience may be more inclined to understand that, they too, have this problem and require a solution.

Stage Two

Stage two consumers are more likely to benefit from more details, or higher-level content that balances a middle-ground level of understanding of what they are looking for, and some level of knowledge about your product or service. They will be more receptive to types of marketing videos that delve deeper into the benefits of your offering.

Keep in mind, consumers at this stage are often making comparisons between similar brands, so the question is: what can you do to make your brand stand out from the crowd? Video content that includes product demonstrations, tutorials, and how-to videos may prove particularly useful here.

Stage Three

Similarly, stage three marketing videos require more details. In fact, in this stage details are key. Content that embraces this concept and offers greater details of what your business is marketing — your particular product, service or offering, will be viewed by the marketing video stage that is ready to make a decision regarding their intent to buy. Your video will need to be clear and strong, which can be achieved through content that includes things like customer testimonials and engaging product demonstrations.

Stage Four

As consumers evaluate their decisions and are ready to take action in the final stage of the sales funnel, the types of marketing videos that embrace efforts to create a relationship and encourage repeat purchases are more likely to connect with consumers than a full-out sales pitch.

“Thank you videos” and re-marketing videos outlining new developments or additions to your offerings are best used in this marketing video stage. Show your customers you care and explain what their purchase means to you and what you plan to do for them in the future.

Apply Videos to Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Track your audience response through reviews, social media interactions, and analytics in real-time and plan your content accordingly. Doing so will enable you to better distribute your marketing video efforts across the correct stages of the sales funnel, while allowing you to maximize your video ROI efforts. Contact our team to learn more about our video content and see what we can do for you!