Why Social Media Videos are Critical to Your Business

We are saturated by social media these days. No matter where you look in the digital sphere, just about everyone is connected to one or several social media channels, including businesses who are more interested than ever in connecting with their customers.

How Valuable are Social Media Videos in Business?

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of the population are visual learners. This means that a vast majority of users on social networks are looking at, commenting on, and sharing visual content such as images, infographics and videos. All of which have the potential to get your business more attention, especially videos.

In fact, more and more users expect this type of content going forward. As demand skyrockets, SocialMediaToday notes some experts predict that soon 80 percent of what we consume online will be video content. With more videos influencing purchase decisions and click-through rates, video is clearly continuing to conquer social media. This includes the rise of live video and Stories features. In particular, AdWeek states that Stories are growing 15 times faster than feed-based sharing alone.

Chris Morris, Supervisor of Video Editing and Motion Graphics at Universus, says, “Click through rates are two to six seconds so you want to get people right away. We’ve done two second videos capturing the brand in one second and the main message in the next second.” He notes the trend of how rapidly social media videos have evolved and that targeting videos is also key to gain more dedicated attention.

How Can Businesses Set Their Videos Apart From the Rest?

Todd Phillips, Vice-President and Editorial Director of Universus, acknowledges that videos must compete with other interesting material in newsfeeds, so emotional triggers and cues are especially important. Even subtle motion, such as in static ads or cinemagraphs, can be very effective. “Keep in mind also that on most social channels, people are watching with the sound off. Think about things like, what is your sound-off experience? Is there enough caption? Does the story still make sense?” he says.

If you’re not currently on social media or looking for new ways to connect with your customer base, there’s no better time to start experimenting with videos and Stories as this becomes a critical shift in 2021. Contact our team to learn more about our social media videos for your business and take your business to the next level!

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